Data Analyst, Certified Project Manager, Technical Writer

Data analyst with 15+ years experience in interpreting and analyzing data for driving business solutions. Proficient knowledge in statistics, mathematics, and analytics. Excellent understanding of business operations and analytics tools for effective analysis of data.

Brand-minded writer with a robust portfolio and a finger on the pulse of IT software application issues. Highly adaptable team player adept at gaining expert-level knowledge quickly and producing elegant, engaging copy. Certified project manager with the technical expertise and business acumen necessary to translate business requirements and objectives into scalable, highly resilient, and successful system solutions & documents. 

Seasoned, PMP certified project manager with tons of experience, who started as a web developer but has spent the past decades leading cross functional software teams from prototype to release with 100% project success.

Strengths include accurately managing projects and priorities in all areas of the SDLC. Motivated business analyst with the technical expertise and business acumen necessary to translate business requirements and objectives into scalable, highly resilient and successful system solutions & documents.

Along with primary role as a PMP certified IT project manager, also serve as a technical writer of user manuals, admin manuals, proposals, grants, bids, policies & procedures in the fields of IT, Engineering, Healthcare, Government. Smooth flowing documents by qualified writer who understands the content doubling as business analyst. 

Has implemented several projects for large, medium and small organizations. Adept at initiating and conducting in person and online meetings with team members and stakeholders to further the agenda of the organization and the project, and collect information from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Skilled in verbal and written communications.

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Clients Testimonials

  • I have had the pleasure of working with Datamatix on several joint projects over the past two years. They have assisted in the RFP bidding process, and as a service provider Business Analyst on a major project deploying an Eccentex AppBase management platform. Datamatix gathered detailed requirements from users, created functional specifications, and concise user documentation from technical specifications. As multi-talented individuals, Datamatix has become highly knowledgeable in our product, AppBase. Datamatix is always professional, innovative and willing to take on any task. I would highly recommend Datamatix enthusiastic approach to accomplishing projects to any organization or team.
    Sheila Lyons, Eccentex Corporation
  • Not only did they come in on-time but worked closely with our in-house development staff to understand the business requirements. This included working hand-in-hand with us to prepare a proof of concept demonstration for top management and Board of Directors personnel. They are the most efficient 3rd party developer we have found. They worked to our specifications and we clearly established the acceptance criteria up front. To that end they played by the agreed rules and went beyond our expectations by collecting and bringing to our attention changes that might be considered for future enhancement upgrades.
    Gary King, Powell Induistries
  • A competitive bidding process was conducted to select a vendor to design, develop and implement this application. Datamatix, Inc. of Katy TX was one of the bidders. The bid turned in by Datamatix was comprehensive. Textual and graphical representations of the proposed system were presented demonstrating an understanding of the program requirements. After due evaluation, Datamatix was awarded the project as the proposer providing the best value.
    Ramiro Cano, City of Houston
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